Saturday, February 27, 2010

Workin' Hard

As springtime approaches, the Adelphi Women's Volleyball team starts up a springtime of their own, known as Postseason.

Lifting weight, conditioning, perfecting individuals skills, and working of their team play is what the girls will do during this season.

Although dreadful at points because of exhaustion, they hope that putting in all this hard work will pay off in the fall when they look to extended their successes they have had in a past.

The love of the game gets them through and the girls know that their work will be rewarded in the future.

Workin' Hard
Their first spring tournament is on March 27, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Track and Field

Photo courtesy of Danielle Matteo

At Adelphi, 5 out of 10 students knew there was an indoor track and field team. None of them knew they had just competed in the Northeast-10 Championship in Boston, MA. coming back to school with reason to celebrate.

Danielle Matteo, a senior from Valley Stream, NY took home first place in the 5,000 meter run. Matteo, who is a big part of the Adelphi team, posted a personal best time of 18:25.68. Matteo says her key to success was simple: she wanted it more.

“Two laps to go UMass Lowell’s girl took the lead and my coached yelled “don’t make a move…sit” so I sat, followed around the turn with a lap to go the bell rang and I took off. All I could hear is someone yell, “who wants it more!” and I went for it. All that went through my head that race was the workout we did that Monday, 20x400 with 60 second rest all under 81 seconds. If I could do that this is nothing. I wanted it!”

Never questioning her ability, Matteo’s mindset was nervous but then reminded herself that it was like any other day.

“I told myself it’s like any other day, just go into it as it’s a hard workout, clear my mind and do what I know how to do...just run, the work is already put in, just be me.

It was not only Matteo who found success at the championships, but also her teammates came away with triumph. The distance medley relay team captured an exciting come from behind victory setting a meet record, while many other girls showed their desire to succeed as they raced with passion to do their personal best.

It was a great weekend for this team, finishing sixth out of sixteen, as they showed that teamwork is what matters the most. Matteo has a lot to be pleased about.

“I am so proud of all my teammates, coming into a new and more challenging conference. We are all there for each other through the ups and downs. I think that’s what makes us strong. I am always ready to help motivate and push no matter how I am feeling. I just always have to have a positive attitude even if it is going to be a rough workout or a hard day.”

Women athletes at Adelphi University make us proud once again.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This Blog

This blog is set to discuss all aspects of women's athletics at Adelphi University. This ranges from personal and team achievements that are accomplished either on or off the court(this also includes coaches) to activities and upcoming contests that women's teams will be competing in. All around our country women's athletics seems to be pushed on the back-burner, not seen as important as men's athletics. Through this blog I hope to show you that our girls who are out there competing and succeeding in the community, in the classroom and on the court deserve just as much attention and celebration as men do. It's time to show our girls the respect they deserve and recognize all their hard work. I hope this blog will show just how great women's athletics are, especially here at Adelphi University.